Ask us to about our overdose reversal/prevention training. We distrubute Naloxone

Mission values goals


    We advance harm reduction policies, practices, and programs that address the adverse effects of substance use, including  overdose prevention, spread of blood-borne disease, treatment needs, and legislation. 



  • We are for the most part ex-members of this diverse culture of people who inject/use substances 
  • We know first-hand the barriers that people who inject/use substances encounter daily.
  • We believe in the rights and dignity of people who inject/use substances. . 
  • We want to create a lasting community outreach program to reduce harm to people who inject/use substances and the communities of which they are a part.
  • We want to increase understanding of the mode of transmission from contaminated needles, in the same way sexual transmission is understood.
  • We promote education, prevention and treatment without judgement.
  • We provide overdose prevention/training, including naloxone and fentanyl strips.
  • We desire Needle Stick Protocol for first responders and law enforcement.


  1. We are collaborating with University of Texas Health and Dr. Wilkerson on up coming needs based study. we will be facilitating the study and helping Dr. Wilkerson and his great team in the Public Health Department at UT. Summer 2019.
  2. We are in talks with Legacy Community Health Systems to have the study using their sites. 
  3. We are developing a mapping program for Houston and the communities we serve.
  4. We are in the storming phase of grants and funding.
  5. We are working with other groups In Austin, Dallas, San Antonio, and rural cities to get sponsors to promote legislation in 2 years
  6. We are doing outreach/networking with interested stakeholders and providers to have more awareness about  HHRA and our work. 
  7. We are a member of Houston Viral Hepatitis Task Force...members in which are working hard to stop the spread of HCV and HBV.  The mission of the Houston Viral Hepatitis Task Force is to shape policy and advocate for the needs of people at risk for and living with hepatitis. It creates a space where a variety of voices and ideas can come together to discuss persistent or emerging challenges. The task force is composed of providers, affected/infected persons, researchers, and community workers 
  8. We are member of Recovery Initiative ,whose members are stakeholders working on all levels of

   "Leave them where they are at with understanding and resources available"